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Day Care Prices as of 1st January 2019


All prices include VAT at 20% as well as pick up and drop off and the whole day of day care. Pick up and drop off times vary depending on the are you live. We cover the whole of the Bath BA1 and most of the BA2 area plus some surrounding villages. Please contact us to check.



1 dog prices

£30/day for 1 day in a week

£27.50/day for2 or 3 days in the same week

£25/day for 4 to 5 days in the same week


Additional dogs from the same family are charged at half the price of the first dog. 

£45 for 2 dogs to come 1 day in a week

£41.25 for 2 dogs to come 2 or 3 days in the same week

£37.50 for 2 dogs to come 4 or 5 days in the same week


Further discounts are also available for regular customers.




Dog Grooming Prices Explained

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All prices include VAT at 20% as well as pick up and drop off and a full groom plus the whole day out at our day care centre. Prices are the same if you would like to drop off and collect your dog.


Your dog will be given a thorough visual health check followed by the coat being brushed, clipped or hand stripped before having a relaxing massage and shampoo in the bath. They will then get a hand blow dry or a relaxing full body dry in our top of the range drying cabinet. Once fully dry they get a further brush out, de matt, scissoring and trim as needed and feet and pads trimmed and tidied, Ears plucked and cleaned and nails clipped. Finally they will be given a final spritz up of coat finishing spray and the lovely finishing touch of a bow on their collar.


Please note that the odd knot and tangle is not a problem but if the coat is matted and you cannot get a wide tooth comb through the coat your dog may require time consuming de-matting which legally can only be done for a maximum of 20 minutes so as not to cause excess stress to the dog as matts will pull on the dogs skin. If this is the case we will be forced to clip the coat off completely. Additional charges will apply if the dog is badly matted, if the dog has fleas or if the dog is aggressive and/or hard to handle.


All prices below are done by breed and for a full groom. If your dog is a crossbreed the price may vary but will be based on whichever breed they most take after.


Nail clipping without a groom can be done at £4


All prices are subject to change and are an estimate only. We can only give an actual cost once we have assessed your dog in person so please bear this in mind.


Many Thanks

Dog Day Care and Grooming in Bath

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