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Marsha Eli

Marsha originally started dog walking around the bath area in 2005 after leaving college following a public services course. She knew she wanted to work with dogs as at this time she had three of her own and could not imagine leaving them at home all day. The thing with dog walking is that everyone wants their dog walked at lunch time and there is only a certain number of dogs you can walk. So Marsha would take a few dogs at a time for group walks and as her dad had a farm in St Catherines which was not being used for much else this was an ideal location. Marsha soon took the dogs for long walks for hours and it seemed to work and all the dogs got on so well as a pack that she thought it would be worth trying to change the dog walking service to a dog day care service so that the dogs got the whole day out and were collected and returned in a similar way to when they were walked. And it has gone so well that now Doggy Doos has a maximum of 25 dogs per day in the purpose converted building at End Farm.

Marsha now has three little boys Zephyr who was born in June 2009, Rupert born October 2013 and Sully born December 2015. She also has six dogs of her own including three collies (Zazu, Ollie & Inka), a sprocker (Zog), a chihuahua (Ziggy) and a mini daxie (Zali). She quite likes the merle colourings in dogs so you may see a trend there. Marsha does agility with Ollie (KC grade 6), Inka (KC grade 5), Zog (KC grade 5) & Ziggy (KC grade 4).


Daniel Adams

Dan became a full time member of staff after leaving the Bath Cats and Dogs home in 2011. Dan has had years of experience with all breeds of dogs and as you can imagine, working at the dogs home was not an easy job. He was there for four years before a vacancy arose at Doggy Doos and he was ideal for the job. Dan is a brilliant pack leader and all the dogs and owners love his cheery character. Whatever the weather, Dan will bore on and get jobs done and dogs exercised. His pet hate is recycling trucks on thursdays which have a tendancy of getting in his way as he collect the dogs. Dan has his own dog-a Doberman called Ernie who has many friends at Doggy Doos.

He is also a qualified pet and human first aider and keeps calm in the toughest of situations.

Emily Gillard

Emily joined us in the summer of 2018 and works part time on a thursday & friday collecting dogs on the bath route.

Emily is owned by a 5 year old springer spaniel called Coco who is her baby. Emily has done a dog first aid course and canine body language course. She previously worked with pre school children so has a very gentle approach to all the dogs. She loves coming to work and is very enthusiastic about everything.

Adrienne MacIntyre

Adrienne (aka Marshas mum) completed her Dog grooming qualification in January 2011 and has since been working full time at Doggy Doos grooming the dogs that come in. She has pretty much covered most breeds now and is very understanding to what the customer wants. She is very patient with unhappy or difficult dogs who do not like to be groomed and when your dog comes to us for grooming they also get the whole day out with pick up and drop off included in the price (see areas covered on prices page) and will also get a walk with the other dogs or on their own if they are not dog friendly. If you are worried about your dogs first visit to the groomers you are welcome to come down and spend time with them too. Adrienne also has two dogs of her own a papillion called Duggy and a mini daxie called Appley.

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Claire Miflin

Claire was also a former Doggy Doos customer and was a children's nurse for 12 years before deciding she needed something a bit less stressful so she came to work at Doggy Doos in november 2017. She lives locally and is an outdoors girl, she lives on a farm and has horses aswell as 3 dogs. Sophie who is a springer spaniel, Mist who is a collie and the most recent addition is an adorable miniature dachshund from Marshas dog Zali who Claire has named Nellie. She has also completed a dog first aid course and is keen to learn lots about dog training and behaviour. Her favourite dog at doos is Eddie who is a springer spaniel who also thinks he owns her.